What is Masters Swimming

Masters Swimming Australia Inc. is the Australian national sports organisation/governing body for Masters Swimming.

The group is a non-profit organisation for adult swimmers aged 18 and above.   There are around 8,000 members located in 8 branches around Australia.

Redlands Bayside Masters Swimming Club is a member club of the Queensland Branch.

Our members are part of more that 8,000 Masters members from around Australia.

The Masters Swimming Mission is:

To provide at club, State and National level an environment to encourage adults, regardless of age or ability, to swim regularly in order to promote fitness

and improve their general health.

New Members Welcome

The Redlands Bayside Masters Swimming Club is a relatively new club formed in June 2006.  We are actively looking for new members so that our club can

grow to become a fun and active swimming club for the Redlands area. We meet every Wednesday evening at 6:30pm and every Sunday from 9:00am for an hour swim session at the

Cleveland Aquatic Centre.  On Sunday's after training we stay back for a coffee and a catchup at the pool.

Why not come down on Wednesday or Sunday when you can meet with us and be signed up at the same time.

See our home page for more information.

Redlands Bayside Masters Swimming Club Inc.

  222 - 230 Russell St, Cleveland. QLD 4165 (Parking via Delancey St.)

P.O Box 3541 Victoria Point West, Qld 4165

  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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