Coaching - Anyone Can Swim

Many people believe that you have to be a very good swimmer to attend swim meets and be a member of a swimming club.

Many also believe that if you are a member of a swimming club that you must swim at swim meets!

Nothing could be further from the truth with Redlands Bayside Masters and other Masters Swimming Clubs. At Redlands Bayside Masters we have people from their late teens through to their early nineties swimming with our Club. Some swim to compete in the various Queensland Club Swim meets, others swim to keep fit and some are just starting to learn to swim again.

Our coaches have surprised many new swimmers when they find that once they understand the simple correct techniques they can convert one difficult lap of the 25m or 50m pool into many enjoyable laps. Transformations in swimming style and ability have been known to occur in as little as one session!

If you are afraid that you are not good enough or that you might make a fool of yourself - put it out of your mind, come down and join us for a session and we are sure that you will join us for many more.

Redlands Bayside Masters Swimming Club Inc.

  222 - 230 Russell St, Cleveland. QLD 4165 (Parking via Delancey St.)

P.O Box 3541 Victoria Point West, Qld 4165

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